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Mui Ne

We were told by a guy that we met a few weeks ago, that if we went to Mui Ne, a coastal town about 5 hours from Dalat, we had to stay at the Mui Ne Hills Resort. We booked a private room in the budget part of the resort, but after reading lots of reviews of people saying they got upgraded to the nice hotel next door, we were quietly hoping we would get the same.

After the same old bus scam from Dalat, whereby the bus company drops you nowhere near where you need to be and there’s a hoard of taxi drivers just waiting to take you to where you are going and scam you out of money in the process, we learned that you just have to get used to this in South East Asia, it happens everywhere.

We got to the resort, and sure enough they upgraded us to the nice hotel, so we had got a really nice room, in a really nice resort, with three swimming pools and a bar / restaurant by the main pool that was very reasonably priced even for travellers, 50 pence for a beer resulted in quite a few beers being drank by the pool in the 5 days we spent there. We had only booked 2 nights here but ended up staying 5 in the end as it was so nice and chilled.

The only let down, was that after the second day, we started getting cockroaches in the room, and considering they are Staci’s least favourite thing ever, it was my job to catch them and get rid of them. So, every night I played cockroach catcher, and by the end of the 5 days I was pretty sick of it. When we left, we got our bags, and one had hidden inside my backpack, so as I was walking up the stairs it started crawling along my chest, as a result the backpack got thrown on the floor and I nearly fell down the stairs 🙂


We met some friendly travellers in the hostel, along with a couple of friends we had met earlier on in Hanoi, so that resulted in more drinking and a good night was had.

Five or six kilometers from where we were staying was an outdoor food court, we didn’t find it until the third day, but after that we went there every night, the food was so good. It was a big open courtyard surround by about 10-15 food stalls and a bar, selling all kinds of Vietnamese and Western food. By the time we left Mui Ne we had been there three times and eaten Paella, Prawns, Kangaroo, Crocodile (although not as big as in the pic below unfortunately), Red Snapper, Kebab, Spring Rolls and Tacos, all for very reasonable prices. The dark beer was also very good and only £2.50 for a 1.5L bottle.

Unfortunately the taxis were about £2-3 each way, and we’d rather spend the money on the food, so we got a taxi there and walked the 6 km back every night, it was still so hot but thankfully not as hot as during the day.

After 5 days of doing almost nothing but relaxing and eating, it was time to move on to Saigon and we were nearing the end of our Vietnam journey, only a few days left before Cambodia.

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