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Uluwatu, Bali

We travelled back from Gili Meno the long way, but again for more comfortable than we assume the fast boats are, and definitely cheaper. We got the public boat from Gili Meno to Bangsal port in Lombok at 8am, for about £1 each, it did feel a little like we might die on it, but like the locals, we’re getting used to that feeling now.

Then it was a 1.5 hour taxi to Lembar to take the public ferry back to Bali, we managed to negotiate this down to about £12, the same price as the shuttle bus would have cost for two people and much quicker and more comfortable. The public ferry was similar, but a little older and busier than the previous one, there were no seats left inside so we sat in the shaded part of the top deck and just chatted for the five hours back to Bali (again, a large chunk of that was within sight of the dock, but being unable to get off, and again, something we were now more used to).

The final leg was the two-hour taxi to Uluwatu in the very south of Bali, we spent ages trying to negotiate with taxi drivers, there was no public transport and the shuttle didn’t go that far, it ended up costing £20, which was probably about right.

By the time we got there it was dark and it had taken about 10 hours from door-to-door, but it wasn’t particularly stressful and the public ferries are a great way to meet the locals and chat to them with cheap local food available too.

We were just in Uluwatu for a couple of days, partly because several people had recommended to come here for the beaches and views, and partly because it was close to the airport for our flight to Australia on the night of the third. We managed to find a nice enough room online before we got there that even agreed to give us the room until the night we left for just an extra £7 which we thought was great.

We spent the days riding round the peninsula to the different beaches and viewpoints, checking out the surf spots to watch some surfing and visiting the Uluwatu temple. The temple is famous for a nightly Kecak dance performance at sunset, a performance that has been going on for many years and therefore now attracts only tour-buses full of tourists, so we gave that a miss.

The temple itself and grounds were very nice though, a stunning location on the edge of the cliff on the western point of southern Bali, the views are beautiful.

It was only a short stay back in Bali, and Uluwatu has some very nice surf spots and a beautiful temple, but other than that doesn’t really have anything, it wasn’t a place we’d return to in a hurry.

That’s a full month in Bali and Lombok finished already and six months in Asia finished. We started in Hong Kong on the 30th December last year, we’ve been to 10 countries on our way from there, throughout Asia, all the way down to Indonesia, but now it’s time to move further south, and in to Australia… in Winter. Perhaps we didn’t plan this part all that well 🙂

We still have trouble accepting we have been away from home for six months already, it’s gone so quickly, we miss our friends and family every day, but the adventure we’re having honestly is what everybody told us it would be, it is the best time we’ve ever had, we’ll be back one day… but not yet 🙂

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