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Hong Kong: The First Days and New Years Eve 2016

We arrived in Hong Kong around 7.30am on the 30th December, headed straight for our hostel and went for a walk around the city. It’s a huge, bustling, intensely busy place, a place where there are so many people, in a backwards kind of way, you actually feel invisible.

Just Landed in HK

Street Market On The Island


View From Victoria Harbour


Crowds are a way of life in Hong Kong, at any time of day, and New Years Eve was definitely no exception. We got back from the island at around 6pm, and we already couldn’t get anywhere near the harbour front, us and thousands of others all looking for the perfect spot to watch the fireworks from. We’ve no idea just how many people were in the streets around Victoria Harbour to celebrate new year, but it certainly felt like millions.

Crowds in the street

We ended up sitting in a nearby park, drank a couple of beers and stood in the street close by to watch the fireworks at midnight, they were spectacular, if a little bit hindered by the huge buildings between the fireworks and us.

A Traveller’s Balanced Diet

As we couldn’t get near the harbour front before midnight, we decided to wait until everybody else left after midnight and went down there to wait for the sunrise. A couple more beers, some chatting and night became day around 7am. A fantastic way to see in the new year.

A Stunning Skyline


The First Daylight of 2017

New Years Day was mainly spent sleeping, and then going for some Michelin Star Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan Restaurant. An amazing meal of dumplings, beef and egg rice, rice rolls and pork buns. all for around £14. The best food yet.

Pork Buns
Siu Mai Dumplings

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