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Buenos Aires

We flew from Auckland, for twelve hours, direct to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and experienced the strange sensation of arriving in Buenos Aires before we actually set off. Because we had passed the international date line, we flew at 8pm on the 8th of September and landed in Argentina at 5pm on the same day, now that is efficient travelling.

We had fortunately managed to land ourselves the business lounge in Auckland airport for free with Air NZ, so we had a few relaxed drinks before the long flight, but we were so excited for South America, we barely slept at all overnight.

We arrived in Buenos Aires, got straight in an Uber to the centre and checked in to our amazing guest house. It was very highly rated on the internet, so we expected it to be good, but we didn’t know just how amazing our host would be here.

Over the next few days, and then a few more, when we returned for a second time, we became great friends with the house owner, Elena, and even went partying through BA’s eclectic nightlife scene with her until the next morning a couple of times.

Tourists struggle with just how late everything happens in Argentina, it suited us perfect, but it’s perfectly normal to go out to dinner after 10pm here, eat until 1am, then go to a bar until the early hours, and the locals pride themselves on this, and the complete lack of sleep that accompanies it.

Other people in the guest house were complaining they couldn’t find restaurants open at 6pm to get a meal, that’s because most people in Buenos Aires wouldn’t even consider eating at that time, that’s a time for ‘merienda’ which is the culture of having a coffee and media-luna (croissant) or some other pastry to put you on until a meal later.

The first night, and many others, we went to a local parilla (Argentinian grill restaurants), some expensive, and some not-so, but all with delicious steak, fantastic salads and great wine. We ate a lot of steak in Argentina, I think that might become apparent in the pictures.

There are lots and lots of tourist things to do in BA; we visited the Recoleta cemetery, which is without doubt the strangest thing either of us has ever seen, an entire city of tombs and houses built for dead people with many coffins on show, there are streets of dead people, that cars can drive around, it’s that huge.

We visited the famous library, a huge converted theatre with stunning architecture, and the famous Teatro Colon, where we even went to the Opera, I know, how sophisticated.

La Boca is a beautiful district of central Buenos Aires, with coloured houses, artwork and tango dancing in the streets, like a small toy town, but almost exclusively for tourists, it still managed to keep its charm though, and the most famous football ground in Argentina is here also, La Bombonera

Because of the jet lag from landing before we set off, combined with the late nights, we kept waking up at strange times, the first Sunday morning we woke up around 4am, not tired at all, so we went out to find breakfast around 5 or 6am. We found a breakfast cafe just opening, not far from a pizza place still open from the night before, and still with locals inside drinking beer and chatting (the absolute favourite thing to do for Argentinians).

We then went back to the room and both immediately fell asleep until two in the afternoon, which really wasn’t helping the jet lag… sometimes I wonder how we get by šŸ™‚

We stayed for five nights in Buenos Aires this time and absolutely loved it here, the food, the people, the nightlife were all great, we were planning to come back again, but first we were going to get a boat over to Uruguay and explore there for a few days, more to come on that next time.

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