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Siem Reap & Angkor Archaeological Park

We were picked up by the bus company from Phnom Penh around 6.30am to go to Siem Reap, the second biggest city of Cambodia, the bus company said the journey would take over 6 hours, but we set of at 7am and arrived in Siem Reap by 12pm. We had booked in a place to stay in Siem Reap that was a little out of the city but offered free tuktuk rides to and from the centre, they told us they would pick us up from the bus station at 1pm, so we went down the road and found a place to get some lunch before going back to the bus station to be picked up.

After three phone calls to the hotel, an hour of standing in the street with our bags, and talking to another tuktuk driver about going to see Angkor Wat the following day, the hotel tuktuk finally arrived to pick us up. When we got to the hotel, they gave us a nice cold welcome drink and showed us our room which was huge with a nice comfy bed, a balcony and a bath (Stac was just a little bit happy), it also had free breakfast, a swimming pool and free tuktuk rides, so the $22 per night, although it was over our normal budget, was a bargain.

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