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We flew from Gold Coast to Sydney and landed before lunch time ready to head in to the city. A couple of weeks earlier we had booked a hire car for Sydney to use for the five days we’d be here, but soon after we looked in to parking costs and it is horrifically expensive in Sydney, so we cancelled the hire car and decided we’d be using public transport instead 🙂

We treated ourselves to a nice apartment again in Sydney, overlooking the city and the harbour bridge and opera house, except, when we arrived, we found we had been stuck in a back apartment overlooking a building site in a run-down room, we complained, and they upgraded us a two bedroom apartment with the view we had been wanting, so it all worked out great.

The weather was starting to get colder now as we were getting further south, after one day here, Stac finally admitted defeat and stopped wearing the flip-flops that she’d been wearing since we got to warm weather more than five months earlier, she was not impressed at having to wear trainers again.

We did the tourist trail stuff and headed down to the city centre to walk along the harbour bridge and see the famous Sydney Opera House, quite spectacular to be here after seeing it in pictures and on TV so many times, but the opera house isn’t nearly as clean and white as it looks on the pictures.

It turns out that most places in Australia celebrate a ‘Christmas in July’, where basically they pick a day in July to have a pretend Christmas Day where the weather won’t be 40 degrees like it is for them in December. We decided we had to partake in this tradition.

Christmas in July started for us by going on the ferry to Manly, on the north side of Sydney, stopping by the small seaside town and having Fish & Chips by the beach. The weather was gorgeous, bright, sunny skies and warm enough for just a T-shirt, it felt n

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