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Uruguay – Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo

We got the ferry from Buenos Aires over to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, the boat only takes around one hour and the crossing was smooth, much better than the New Zealand ferry experience.

Colonia del Sacramento is famous in South America for being a beautiful historic city, and it most certainly is, something that isn’t that common in Argentina and Chile, is any building older than the 20th century, some of the streets here look like they haven’t been touched since the Spanish arrived and built them in the 16th century.

We loved just walking around the old streets and admiring the stunning houses and cobbled streets, the centre is quite touristy, inflated prices for food and accommodation, but it was still a very nice place to be. We found an amazing bar with great wine and platters of cheeses and meats, in stark contrast to the majority of Uruguayan food, this was delicious.

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