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New Zealand – South Island


We landed in Christchurch in the afternoon, it was throwing it down with rain, but we went straight to pick up the car that we would be driving for the next 24 days, and we weren’t too impressed at what we were given, it was an old Mazda, with over 100k already on the clock, and didn’t even have central locking, it certainly wasn’t what we imagined driving for 5,000 km around New Zealand, and definitely not what we had paid for.

Because of the bad weather, and the fact that the office was about to close, we put up with it for now and headed for our apartment. The apartment was tiny, but nice, they then charged us an extra $10 to park the car which we weren’t too happy with but we just put up with it and walked down to the supermarket, for a bottle of wine, in the pouring rain.

We picked up a bottle of wine and some snacks, but when we got to the checkout, the staff and even the store manager refused to serve us without our passports, which were ten-minutes walk away in the rain. Even though we had multiple other forms of ID on us, and hadn’t needed ID once in the week we spent in Auckland. Christchurch wasn’t going great so far.

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Auckland and the North

A few days before our flight from Melbourne to Auckland, I got an e-mail from Air New Zealand about bidding for an upgrade on our flight, we’ve only flown economy so far this year, so I thought I would put in a bid and hope it was accepted. A few days before the flight, we got another e-mail confirming that the bid was accepted, and we would be flying in premium class this time, we got far too excited about this 🙂

It turned out, when you arrive at an Air NZ premium check-in desk, looking like a backpacker and messing around packing the straps away on the backpacks, they automatically assume we don’t belong in premium, and a member of staff pulled us out of the queue to go to economy check-in.

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Melbourne & Great Ocean Road

Over the last few years, we’ve heard nothing but good things about Melbourne, it’s ultra-hip and trendy cafe culture, the amazing food and good wine, the stylish centre, river front and parks. People fall over themselves to tell you what a great place it is, and travel blogs love to claim that it is the most livable city in the world.

It took us less than a day of being in Melbourne to realise that it wasn’t the Utopia it is made out to be by so many. When Melbourne gets rated the best city in the world to live, that’s probably for the people who get good jobs there who make a LOT more money there than they would elsewhere and therefore can afford the over-priced hipster offerings throughout the city.

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