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The Journey Begins: En Route To Hong Kong

We’re on our way. After two years of planning, two years of saving and many months of getting rid of almost everything we own, we’re now sat on a one-way flight to Hong Kong. With 7kg of baggage each (yes, SEVEN, even Staci has only seven kilos of luggage) packed neatly in the backpacks, two passports and (too) many pants, the time has come to start the journey, although Staci now says she wished she had packed a few more pants.

We got on the flight, sat and chatted, and tried to reflect on the emotions that we were feeling. You would think this would be something quite deep and meaningful, i mean, we’ve had plenty of time to think about it. Was it excitement, for the journey ahead? Was it nerves, for the unkown to come? Was it even sadness, to leave so much family and friends behind? No, it was “weird”! And that isn’t even an emotion!

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